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IMPORTANT: Early releases of the application had the traffic light warning levels set to 5 and 2.5. Please ensure you change the levels to be 2.5 and 0.25 to match the old version of EKM. Version 1.44 and above will set this as the default.


1) Can I transfer data from old EKM to the new EKM?

No, as the data formats are so different it would not be practical to provide this feature. However, you can transfer meals from all new versions of EKM on any platform.

2) Can I use old and new EKM?

On a PC you can use both versions until you have manually moved over the meals you need to the new version.

3) Will my data sync between my Mac and iPhone?

No, but you can send and receive individual recipes between any of the new versions.

4) Can I install on more than one device?

You may install on any of your devices. Do not however share the password to other users as each user must be authorised by their dietitian or doctor.

5) The ‘Activate’ button is not responding after entering email and password!

Ensure you have typed your email address correctly and without a space on the end. Also ensure the password is entered 100% accurately.

6) Can I use the old EKM password with the new version?

No. Please contact us for a new password.

7) Will the Windows version work with Windows XP?

We have not done extensive testing with XP as it is now a redundant version of Windows however it will work on this level of Windows but you are strongly advised not to use XP as there are serious security issues.

8) Can I backup my data?

Yes, on your device search for the file EKM.db and back up this file. (Alternatively you can enter %appdata% (on a Windows PC) in the file manager URL and you will see the EKM Desktop data directory.) This file is where all the data is stored for EKM. If you have to change systems and it is the same platform then this file can be transferred to your new system.

9) I still cannot activate my copy of EKM despite entering everything correctly!

If you are installing on a mobile device please switch off predictive texting as this can often change your password entry even though you have entered it correctly first.

10) Can I copy a meal to create a new meal?

On releases 1.43 and above this is an option on the bottom the Meals tab. Just click the two pages icon and a new meal will be created based on the currently selected meal. You will have to provide a new name for that meal.

11) My Android device runs EKM slowly or unreliably:

Please avoid the Intel based Android devices as many apps (including EKM) will rely on using an internal Android emulation to function. This then causes the app to run slowly and can also cause it to crash or be unreliable.

12) I am unable to upload or download meals; ’server not found’ message:

Many hospitals block FTP access to the internet. You will need to ask your ICT department to: “unblock FTP access to on port 21”.

13) Can’t see dustbin to remove foods from a menu:

As with most mobile apps, just swipe to the left side the selected product to remove from the menu.

14) I still have not received my email with down load details:

Please check your spam or junk folder as the email may be in there. We alwasy aim to send out requests within the same day.

15) “Error 5 Access denied” when installing on Windows:

Your user account does not have sufficient rights to install the software. If you right click on the SETUP.EXE file and select “Run As Administrator” then it should resolve the problem.

Finally: Help - I still have a problem!

Please do not post any issues to social media as they do not provide support or fixes for the program. Email us directly and we will assist to resolve any bugs or issues. Just ensure you have read the manual and FAQ’s before saying that you have an issue as many ‘problems’ we have seen are due to not reading the manual. Also ensure your device has the latest OS patches and fixes applied.


The application is supplied with a full help PDF file and we strongly recommend that you read this file before you attempt to use the program.

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If you are able to replicate a problem then it is very helpful if you can take a screen shot of the problem or error message. This can then be sent to us to help diagnose the problem.

If you encounter any issues or find any bugs then please contact us at:

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