Mac OS

The Mac version is available from the Apple store and is a free download. Search for ”EKM-Desktop”

However, it will not be fully functional for the calculation of meals until the correct activation code has been entered. This will be issued to you once your dietitian or doctor has confirmed to us that you are following a medically supervised ketogenic diet.

Please, either request the version of EKM required from your dietitian, or email us at:

We have tested the application on the latest two versions of Mac OS. If you use it on an earlier version and have any issues then please report them.

12/06/2017: New feature added to provide an option to change Kcal value and recalulate products keeping ratios.

25/06/2017: Option now to disable the rebalance option.

29/09/2017: Fix for lower case names in patient list.

11/03/2018: Additional digit applied for large meals/batch making.

01/03/2021: Fix for nutrients incrementing in meals correctly.

10/03/2021: Fix totals in printed report.

01/07/2022: Fixed rounding in PDF report.

Latest version number is: 2.09

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